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is the title of a german fantasy tale. In Germany it was published on amazon with the title “Barkephallos”, the little pony. I`m going to publish that soon in english.

Short description:

"Waldemar is a dreamy young man who lives with his rowdy brothers in a small global village. His brothers let him alone and want to conquer the world. Waldemar followed his brothers and can save a little pony before a barbarian attack. Surprisingly the little pony can speak and has a very strange name (Barkephallos). From now both travel together through a weird, strange and creepy world. After a long,dangerous journey and a terrible battle with a hideous monster Waldemar discovered the secret of the name of the little pony. At the end of his horrible trip, Waldemar knows his destiny and is a happy human being with a real sincere friend”.

A fantasy story for all,about tolerance, helpfulness, friendship and independent, self-determined living.

1.  The Four Brothers
2.  The Talking Little Pony
3.  The Golden Koi
4.  The Stone Eagle
5.  Traveling Years
6.  Mary Ann
7.  Fantasy Kingdom
8.  The Terrible Combat
9.  The Royal Hill Castle
10. King Idol
11. King Waldemar
12. Waldemar & his Pony

© Copyright 1997 - 2019 by Walter F.W. Michelmann - All Rights Reserved

Storybook Love was nominated for the Oscar 1987/1988 as the soundtrack of the movie
The Princess Bride.
Willy de Ville 25. August 1950 in Stamford, Connecticut; † 6. August 2009 in New York City

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